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LG Electronics to work with Mercedes-Benz to make autonomous vehicles

2014/12/25 11:42

SEOUL, Dec. 25 (Yonhap) -- LG Electronics Inc. said Thursday that it will join forces with German luxury carmaker Mercedes-Benz to make key parts for future autonomous vehicles.

The South Korean company, one of the largest consumer electronics and mobile phone manufacturers in the world, said it inked a memorandum of understanding to make a "stereo camera system" for Mercedes-Benz.

The camera is a critical component of any autonomous driven car because it acts as the eyes of the car. It detects all movements in front of the car that may have not been picked up by the driver and warn of any dangers.

"LG has top-notch technology in the area of IT and image sensing that will contribute to the making of components that befits Mercedes-Benz," an executive said. The German carmaker is already a pioneer in making autonomous cars that alert drivers of potential collisions with other cars and pedestrians and when the car starts to veer off the road, and the cars can even drive themselves at slower speeds.

The system if linked to the vehicle's brakes can even stop the car.

The tie-up with Mercedes-Benz will allow LG Electronics to secure a key bridgehead in the autonomous car market that may become the future of the automobile industry as a whole.

Self-driven cars can prevent accidents, help reduce congestion and even push up the fuel economy of vehicles. Because of the reduced risk of accidents, autonomous cars can be made with less crash-proofing design. This makes them lighter and helps with fuel economy.

Related to self-driven cars, South Korea, as well as many countries around the world, are moving to make it mandatory to put stereo cameras on cars to prevent accidents.