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Samsung to launch apology ad over Galaxy Note 7 recall

2016/09/13 17:27

SEOUL, Sept. 13 (Yonhap) -- Samsung Electronics Co. said Tuesday that it has decided to launch media advertisements to apologize for the ongoing global recall of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.

The world's largest smartphone maker said it will soon run an advertisement in major media outlets to offer an apology for causing discomfort and concern to its customers due to faulty batteries in some Note 7 smartphones.

A Galaxy Note 7 counter at an SK Telecom outlet in Seoul. (Yonhap file photo) A Galaxy Note 7 counter at an SK Telecom outlet in Seoul. (Yonhap file photo)

Samsung announced an unprecedented global recall of its Galaxy Note 7 on Sept. 2 after several of the phablets caught fire while being charged, promising to offer new replacements to all of the buyers at home and abroad.

In its upcoming ad, Samsung plans to say, "We apologize for causing discomfort and concern to our customers. All Samsung employees will do our best to resolve problems," according to company officials.

Samsung also said it will forcibly limit the Galaxy Note 7 battery to be charged to only 60 percent of its capacity by using its so-called over-the-air (OTA) update technology to further prevent possible mishaps.

With the OTA update, users of the Galaxy Note 7 will be prevented from fully charging their devices. The measure is meant to prevent battery overheating and enhance consumer safety, said the officials.

In a separate measure to promote the replacement program, Samsung said it will consider paying a communication expense subsidy to customers choosing to exchange their Note 7 devices instead of demanding a refund.

According to recent polls, the mass recall of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones has not largely affected foreign consumer loyalty to Samsung Electronics Co.'s brand. For instance, an online survey of 11,621 Internet users by U.S. technology news website Android Police showed only 13 percent of the respondents saying they "feel somewhat less trusting of Samsung's smartphones because of the Note 7 recall."