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Yonhap, NCSOFT to jointly carry out AI research

2018/05/16 14:00

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SEOUL, May 16 (Yonhap) -- Yonhap News Agency reached an arrangement with NCSOFT Corp., a game developer, to conduct joint research on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that could be applied to news services.

Under the agreement, the country's top news wire service will carry out studies on applying NCSOFT's AI technologies, including the processing of natural languages, to creating new content.

The move came as major news outlets around the globe are taking advantage of AI to improve the efficiency of news-writing processes and provide richer content to the general public.

Yonhap News Agency already operates the AI program "Soccerbot" to deliver vivid real-time coverage of soccer events overseas in the Korean language. The company demonstrated its "Olympicbot" during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in February.

The news agency also plans to provide its photos and articles to "PAIGE," an AI-based baseball news service provided by NCSOFT.

"We plan to foster the AI technology, a major growth engine in the era of the fourth-industrial revolution, to help in improving the competitiveness and credibility of our news agency," Yonhap said.

"The agreement will also help bolster the overall value of Yonhap News Agency, which is the fundamental infrastructure for the country's news industry," it added.

NCSOFT echoed the view, stressing it hopes to apply its long-accumulated AI capabilities in helping Yonhap bring innovation to the media industry.

"The quality articles provided by Yonhap News Agency will also improve the credibility of baseball-related information delivered through PAIGE," the game developer said.

NCSOFT launched an exclusive division devoted to AI in 2011 -- making it the first major South Korean game developer to do so. It employs 100 staff studying voice and image recognition solutions, along with the processing of natural languages.

This updated file photo shows that main office of Yonhap News Agency in downtown Seoul. (Yonhap) This updated file photo shows that main office of Yonhap News Agency in downtown Seoul. (Yonhap)