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Cigarettes named Psy's 'Gangnam' to be showcased in Canada
SEOUL, Jan. 30 (Yonhap) -- K-pop sensation Psy's "Gangnam Style" will now reach smokers as a Canadian tobacco company gears up to launch a new cigarette named "Gangnam" next month, a company official said Wednesday.

   The tobacco firm CT&G set up last year by South Koreans residing in Ontario, Canada, said three Virginia blend-typed cigarettes -- Gangnam, c38 and MIDAS -- will be released in mid-February.

   "One of our new arrivals will have the name of 'Gangnam,' riding on the huge popularity of Psy's 'Gangnam Style,'" said Kang Cheol-jung, the 54-year-old company chief, adding that "38" in the name of one of the new products stands for the number of shareholders of the company.

   "Our products will be produced by a Canadian manufacturer on a consignment basis. This year, we will sell them here in Ontario, but plan to expand the market into the whole areas of Canada as well as China, Southeast Asian countries and South America," Kang said, expressing hope that their products will help promote his home country.

   As a countermeasure against British American Tobacco, the world's most international tobacco group, which supplied its products to small-scaled mom and pop stores in the region at higher prices, 38 South Korean shop owners set up the company with a capital of US$623,000 in May 2012 and has since prepared to produce their own products, according to the company chief.