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Bae Doona to appear in the Wachowskis' next film
SEOUL, April 16 (Yonhap) -- South Korean actress Bae Doona will appear in the Wachowskis' next film following her Hollywood debuting role in the siblings' latest work, "Cloud Atlas," according to a local fashion and beauty magazine Tuesday.

"I was cast in Lana and Andy Waschowski's new film titled 'Jupiter Ascending,'" Bae was quoted as saying in an interview with the bimonthly magazine, "High Cut."

   "I came to have a family-like feeling toward the Waschowski siblings as I was with them for Cloud Atlas," Bae said. "The new film is a far easier and more enjoyable sci-fi film than Cloud Atlas."

   Bae, best known at home for her lead role in "The Host," a Korean sci-fi blockbuster that hit the local box-office in 2006, debuted in Hollywood as a genetically engineered clone in Cloud Atlas, which was released in January.