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VIXX signs contract with Chinese agency

2015/06/04 10:32

SEOUL, June 4 (Yonhap) -- South Korean boy group VIXX has signed up with a major Chinese agency to broaden its reach to the Chinese market, the group's local agency said Thursday.

The six-member group recently signed a contract with China's CN Bless agency to engage in more activities in the country, including televisions, films and concerts, Jellyfish Entertainment said without revealing when the contract was signed.

"The group will take a dominant position in advancing to China, utilizing CN Bless' producing and marketing abilities," Jellyfish said. "We expect this will become a beachhead for its future advance to the global market."

   Debuting in 2012 with the single album "Super Hero," VIXX gained fame for the songs "Error" and "Eternity."

   Last February, the band performed in Taiwan's KKBOX Music Awards show as the first Korean act to have been invited to the event. The boys had solo concerts in Japan, drawing about 24,000 fans in total, two months later.

South Korean boy group VIXX (Yonhap) South Korean boy group VIXX (Yonhap)