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MissA's Min to leave JYP Entertainment

2017/11/09 10:59

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SEOUL, Nov. 9 (Yonhap) -- K-pop girl group missA's Min will leave JYP Entertainment, the agency said Thursday.

In a press release, the agency confirmed that the two sides decided not to renew her contract and that nothing has been decided on the future of the three-member act.

The group -- originally comprised of two Chinese members Jia and Fei and Koreans Suzy and Min -- made its debut in 2010 and produced hit after hit to become one of the most popular K-pop girl groups in Korea. In 2011, it released its first full-length EP "A Class" and most recently "Colors" in 2015.

But the members have gone their separate ways as Zia left the team in May, Fei released her solo album last year and Suzy has been more actively involved in acting.

This file photo is of missA's Min. (Yonhap) This file photo is of missA's Min. (Yonhap)