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Moon's five-year presidency starts with confirmation of election

송고시간2017/05/10 08:34

기사 본문 인쇄 및 글자 확대/축소

SEOUL, May 10 (Yonhap) -- Moon Jae-in's term as South Korea's new head of state was officially launched early Wednesday, only one day after the nation held a rare presidential by-election.

Moon's presidency began even before an inauguration ceremony as his election was a result of the rare by-election that sought to fill the top elected office vacated by former President Park Geun-hye.

The former conservative leader was removed on March 10 by a Constitutional Court ruling that upheld her parliamentary impeachment late last year over a series of corruption allegations that have also led to Park's arrest and indictment.

Moon's five-year term began at 8:09 a.m. Wednesday when the National Election Commission (NEC) confirmed his victory in the election held Tuesday, the commission said. The liberal candidate from the Democratic Party secured 13,423,800 votes, or 41.08 percent of the total 32,807,908 votes cast, according to the NEC.

A written certificate confirming Moon's election was presented to the new president. The certificate was accepted by Rep. Ahn Gyu-back of the Democratic Party on his behalf.

Moon's inauguration ceremony was scheduled to be held at the National Assembly at noon, where he is to be sworn in as the country's 19th president.