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Samsung to roll out dual-mode LTE smartphones
SEOUL, Aug. 1 (Yonhap) -- Samsung Electronics Co., the world's largest smartphone maker, said Thursday that it may soon roll out smartphones that run on both time-division (TD) and frequency-division (FD) long-term evolution (LTE) networks.

   Samsung said its Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini running on both TD-LTE and FD-LTE may hit the shelves in China later this month.

   The so-called TD-LTE is a fourth-generation mobile technology developed and led by China and used in Australia and India, while the FD-LTE is adopted by South Korea, the U.S., Japan, among others.

   South Korea's top conglomerate said its dual-mode smartphones will automatically switch between the FD-LTE and TD-LTE, enabling users, such as frequent travelers for instance, to access high-speed data networks around the world.

   Samsung said the exact launch date of the smartphone in China has not been decided yet.

   According to technology research firm Yankee Group, the number of the TD-LTE service subscribers is expected to reach 134 million in 2016.