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Samsung unit chief sacked over water tank explosion
SEOUL, Aug. 1 (Yonhap) -- Samsung Group said Thursday that it fired the chief of its engineering unit Samsung Engineering Co., holding him responsible for a water tank explosion that killed three workers Friday.

   A water tank burst during a stress test at a polysilicon plant construction site inside Samsung Fine Chemicals in Ulsan, about 410 kilometers southeast of Seoul. The accident also injured more than 10 workers.

   According to the police, the 1,300-ton water tank was being filled for the third day to detect any cracks or defects. The steel tank exploded after about 1,000 tons of water was injected. Investigators suspect the tank was unable to bear the load.

   Samsung Engineering was building the tank for SMP, a joint venture between Samsung Fine Chemical and MEMC of the United States. The workers were hit by flying debris from the tank and its supporting structures, the police said.