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Top headlines in major S. Korean newspapers

2018/04/16 07:11

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SEOUL, April 16 (Yonhap) -- The following are the top headlines in major South Korean newspapers on April 16.

Korean-language dailies

-- Former Park Geun-hye gov't set up system to monitor online comments (Kyunghyang Shinmun)

-- Member of ruling party, nicknamed Druking, demands post at Cheong Wa Dae (Kookmin Daily)

-- Druking allegedly sends online activity, links of news articles to Rep. Kim Kyung-soo (Donga Ilbo)

-- Korea has still long way to go to become safe country (Seoul Shinmun)

-- Tinderbox in Middle East: New cold war between U.S., Russia (Segye Times)

-- Druking allegedly sends list of news subject to opinion rigging to Rep. Kim Kyung-soo (Chosun Ilbo)

-- Rep. Kim Kyung-soo participates in group chat during 2017 presidential election (JoongAng Ilbo)

-- Children leave memorial alter for Sewol victims, Can we bid farewell to this grief? (Hankyoreh)

-- Kakao's new paid taxi app seems to fail due to red tape (Hankook Ilbo)

-- Half-priced apartments to be provided in southern Seoul area (Maeil Business Newspaper)

-- Part-time researchers leave state-run institutions (Korea Economic Daily)

English-language dailies

-- In sign of thaw, Kim meets senior Chinese diplomat (Korea JoongAng Daily)

-- NK leader meets senior Chinese official ahead of key summits (Korea Herald)

-- What does US strike on Syria mean for North Korea? (Korea Times)