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Cao Lu, Yerin and Kisum release spring jam for singles 2017/03/20 09:32


SEOUL, March 20 (Yonhap) -- The surprise collaboration "Spring Again" by Cao Lu and Yerin, members of girl groups Fiestar and GFriend, respectively, as well as rapper Kisum, was released Thursday.

Kicking off the new year, three of the most gifted K-pop vocalists Luna, Hani and Solar came together to record the celebrated single "Honey Bee," which created a buzz. The enthralling follow-up to the all-women trio collaboration keeps that buzz revving as flowers begin blooming.

Cao, Yerin and Kisum, all achieving a remarkable level of individual success, complain, "Spring comes again, what's the big deal? I've got hay fever" in the song.

"While most spring jams whisper sweet nothings, to which some could relate, some others, on the other hand, couldn't in the slightest, "Spring Again" should be the ne plus ultra of vocal odes to those going cherry-blossom viewing all by themselves this spring," Fave Entertainment, home of Cao, stated playfully.