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Roy Kim performs new single 'Suddenly' 2017/05/19 14:34


SEOUL, May 19 (Yonhap) -- South Korean singer-songwriter Roy Kim held a public event on Monday, performing a few tracks off his new EP "Blooming Season," released the same day.

The overall theme of Kim's new project is basically characterized as a little coming-of-age miscellany and straightforward introspection on the verge of hitting mid-20s. Turning 23 this year, Kim employed its title as a metaphor for his life - the culminating point as a regular youth as well as the most productive age as a budding star with artistic parameters which are hard to set.

"Suddenly," leading off the six-track EP, tells of a protagonist immersed in two contradictory thoughts: he wishes his former lover well without him, but then again, envisions them together again.

Never going over the top with his voice, Kim serves understated vocals which hit the mark without a hitch, filling that void for listeners who were looking for another spring jam after "Bom Bom Bom," his 2013 debut single and magnum opus to date.

Since he climbed to fame following an appearance on high-profile TV talent show "Superstar K4" in 2012, he's been met with praise for having a knack for songwriting and vocal delivery of complex emotions that belies his years.

"Blooming Season," which explores a wide variety of styles including soulful ballads and relatively up tempo pieces, is a triumphant showcase of his natural progression as an artist. It displays his full-bore musical prowess and offers die-hard fan the absolute enjoyment of listening to Kim at his finest.