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Momo of TWICE releases video of 'Signal' choreography 2017/05/31 18:03


SEOUL, May 31 (Yonhap) -- South Korean record label JYP Entertainment has revealed a video that features its artist Momo, a member of TWICE, dancing the routine to "Signal." The song was released on May 15 as the lead track off the band's latest EP of the same name.

Throughout the last couple years of success TWICE has achieved with four consecutive hits since its debut in 2015, its dances play a significant role. They quickly spread at home and abroad backed by huge public interest on video-sharing websites including YouTube.

Rather than complex choreography consisting of acrobatic moves that demand advanced technique, TWICE tends to take the easier-is-better approach, extensively employing simple hand gestures, body motions and facial expressions, reminiscent of mime. They also correspond to the lyrics to act out the narrative of the song.

Unlike many other K-pop girl groups who gravitate towards rather suggestive moves for their tunes, usually performed in tight shorts and high heels, TWICE's choreography not only puts an emphasis on its own beauty of an organic and innocent nature but helps trigger a number of parodies and covers on YouTube.