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Suzy carefree about cutting hair short for new drama 2017/09/28 15:58


SEOUL, Sept. 28 (Yonhap) -- Singer-actress Suzy of girl group missA said she didn't mind cutting her hair short for her new SBS TV drama "While You Were Sleeping."

   "It's probably clear when watching the show, but the short hair was crucial for the character, so I didn't hesitate," Suzy said during a press conference on Sept. 21 at SBS TV headquarters in western Seoul.

"Rather, people around me kept asking if I was okay with the new hair. I've had my hair long for quite some time. I could focus on my character and try new things, so I liked it," she said.

In the new TV series Suzy plays Nam Hong-ju, an unemployed ex-journalist who is locked in a perennial state of helplessness and guilt as she has long been unable to prevent the bad things she sees in her dreams from coming true.