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Rookie boy band BLK showcases 'Hero' 2017/11/29 16:35


SEOUL, Nov. 29 (Yonhap) -- New boy band BLK had a media showcase for its debut album "Intro BLK Part1. I" in southern Seoul on Nov. 28.

BLK, whose name is short for Beyond Limit Key, consists of six members, all with different personalities -- Taebin, D.A, I, Sorim, Ilkyung and Inno.

The six members have built their skills through their long years of training and have not followed in the footsteps of many other rookie groups that have chosen to use a television audition show as a means to increase public awareness of them before making a formal debut.

The EP album "Intro BLK Part1. I" and its lead track, "Hero," were released on various online music services on the same day.