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'Vanished Night' filmmaker says his remake will be more interesting than Spanish original

2018/02/06 16:04

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By Shim Sun-ah

SEOUL, Feb. 6 (Yonhap) -- The director of the new Korean crime-thriller "Vanished Night" on Tuesday was confident that his remake of the Spanish flick "The Body" will be more interesting than the original.

Just like the 2012 crime thriller by Oriol Paulo, "Vanished Night" is about a detective investigating the disappearance of a woman's corpse from a morgue and trying to uncover the cause of her death.

"It was a tremendously interesting subject. I especially fell for the line reading 'death is not the end," Lee Chang-hee said during a news conference for "Vanished Night" at a cinema in southern Seoul.

"A remake means modifying significant aspects of the original, but I made everything from scratch except the subject. So I think my film will feel totally different from the original. I would not have even tried if I didn't have the confidence to make a more interesting one."



Veteran actor Kim Sang-kyung, best known for his sharp and intelligent detective role in Bong Joon-ho's 2003 crime thriller "Memories of Murder," plays the role of a police detective who tries to solve the mystery.

"My character is a cop, an especially haphazard and sloppy one," Kim said of his police officer character Woo Joong-sik. "He is totally different from other detective characters that I have played before."

   After the huge success of "Memories of Murder," Kim recalled, he was offered similar detective roles in more than 100 films. But as he's been picky in choosing films based on his own standards, he has since played only a few more cops.

Kim said he was mesmerized by the screenplay of "Vanished Night," above all.

"After reading the first 15 pages of a script, we actors instinctively know (whether it would make a good movie or not). And 'Vanished Night' was exciting throughout. It was the kind of script that makes me turn to the earlier part to know whether there were important clues that I missed."


A still from "Vanished Night," released by Cineguru (Yonhap) A still from "Vanished Night," released by Cineguru (Yonhap)

Actress Kim Hee-ae, who plays the role of the rich dead woman, agreed, saying she decided to accept the role purely out of curiosity about the story.

"The script was very interesting, so I simply wanted to be part of it although mine was a small role."

   Kim Sang-kyung, however, sparked more curiosity about the movie by saying that her character is far from being small but commands the entire film.

Actor Kim Kang-woo said he worried a lot before choosing to take the role of Park Jin-han, the evil husband who believes he has "perfectly" poisoned his obsessive wife.

"I was afraid people would hate me if I took this role. But I decided to appear in the film upon hearing from the director that these two veteran actors will be working with me."

   "Vanished Night" will hit Korean theaters March 8.

A still from "Vanished Night," released by Cineguru (Yonhap) A still from "Vanished Night," released by Cineguru (Yonhap)