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INFINITE leader Sungkyu presents 1st full-length solo album 2018/03/01 09:00


SEOUL, March 1 (Yonhap) -- Sungkyu, leader of the boy band INFINITE, has released his first solo studio album, "10 Stories," one of the first major K-pop releases following the close of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

"This solo album was conceived in the early part of last year and went into recording in the summer. The producing process was fairly long," Sungkyu said during a media showcase at Shinhan FAN Square in western Seoul on Feb. 26.

The album is comprised of 10 tracks, with Kim Jong-wan, frontman of the Korean rock band Nell, at the helm. A former labelmate at Woolim Entertainment, Kim wrote parts of Sungkyu's first EP album released in 2012 and was the lead producer of the INFINITE singer's second EP album, "27," put out in 2015.

The new album is one of the first major K-pop releases following the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, which closed Sunday with a huge K-pop fanfare. A number of high-profile stars have been waiting to release new work until the end of the Winter Games to avoid being eclipsed by the Olympic buzz.

"I'm nervous, but at the same time, I'm hopeful. I've worked on the album for a long time," Sungkyu said. "I can't wait to let fans listen to it. I'm curious how it will be received."