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Kang Dong-won of 'Inrang' honored to work with Jung Woo-sung 2018/06/20 16:27


SEOUL, June 20 (Yonhap) -- A press event took place in Seoul for Kim Jee-woon's sci-fi thriller "Inrang" on June 18, 2018.

Starring Kang Dong-won, Jung Woo-sung and Han Hyo-joo, the film is a Korean live-action adaptation of the Japanese animated film masterpiece "The Wolf Brigade" by Hiroyuki Okiura.

Set in 2029 with the two Koreas having agreed to launch a unified government, South Korean police launch a special unit to stop an anti-reunification terrorist group called the "Sect."

   Feeling threatened by the growing influence of the formidable police unit, the state intelligence agency plots to destroy it. As they engage in a veiled battle, rumors that the unit has secret human weapons called "wolves" quickly spread across the country.

Presented by Warner Bros. Pictures, "Inrang" opens in local theaters on July 25.