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Yonhap  News  Agency  is  South  Korea's  only  real-time  foreign  language news outlet that  reaches  out  to  the  world  with  the  country's  latest  news  and  information.
Recognizing  the  service's  pioneering  role,  global news agencies such as AP, AFP, Reuters, Xinhua  and Kyodo,  as  well  as  broadcasters  including  the BBC, receive  the  English news service.       The  service  is  also  provided  to  South  Korean  diplomatic  missions  overseas.
At  home, English-language  newspapers  such  as the  Korea Times and the Korea Herald as well  as  local  networks   KBS,   MBC  and  Arirang  TV  are  leading  subscribers  along  with foreign  missions,  companies  and  U.S.  forces  based  in  South  Korea.
Yonhap's English-language  news  service offers in-depth coverage and analyses through its network  of  reporters  at  home and abroad, dealing with politics, economy, national security and unification, foreign affairs, defense, culture and sports. 
Daily production  averages between 80 to 100 articles during 17 hours of operation that begin at 6:30 a.m. every day.