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(PIFF) Director Chang presents a miniature of fast-changing Taiwan in 'When Love Comes'
By Kim Hyun
BUSAN, Oct. 11 (Yonhap) -- Taiwanese New Wave director Chang Tso-chi said Monday that family issues portrayed in his latest film, "When Love Comes," represent a miniature version of fast-changing Taiwanese society.

   The generation drama, which made its world premiere at the Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF), tells the story of a teenage girl, Laichun, who lives in a three-generation family and has two mothers -- one who is officially on paper and the other who is her birth mother. Laichun finds solace from her boyfriend, but when she gets pregnant, he leaves and her family forces her to get an abortion.

   "Taiwanese society has undergone a great deal of change during the past 20 years," Chang said in a press conference. "Couples prefer to remain childless and generation conflicts have become an issue."

   "When Love Comes," shown during PIFF's Gala Presentation section, may mark a notable leap in reputation for Chang, who has garnered little commercial success with his previous films, including his first feature, "Ah Chung." But his second feature has drawn 14 nominations, including best film, in the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival to be held next month.

   Chang's films mostly evolved on family issues, including several short films about a father. He said he thought a story about a girl and her mothers would require a feature-length story, a theme he has long brooded on.

   "Issues about a young girl have always been my interest. I wanted to tell how being a girl is different from being a mother," he said. "I'm interested in humanity. If it's a story without a human virtue, I wouldn't even start it."