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(IFA 2010) LG Electronics seeks to sell 40 mln TV sets in 2011
By Lee Youkyung
BERLIN, Sept. 5 (Yonhap) -- LG Electronics Inc., the world's second-biggest TV supplier, is seeking to sell more than 40 million flat-screen television sets, both high- and low-end, next year to expand its market presence, its TV business head said Sunday.

"For profitable growth, we will have both high-end and low-end products," Simon Kang, president and chief executive officer of LG's Home Entertainment Company, told a press conference at the annual IFA trade show in Germany.
"Coupled with continuing efforts in supply chain management, 40 million in sales is a possible goal," he added. The number represents a 40 percent increase from this year's goal of 25 million units.