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(2nd LD) Hyundai Capital's data leaked through servers in Philippines, Brazil: police
SEOUL, April 10 (Yonhap) -- Police said Sunday that a hacker likely used servers in the Philippines and Brazil to steal private customer data from Hyundai Capital, an affiliate of South Korea's top automaker, in a case that leaked personal information of as many as 420,000 customers.

   Hyundai Capital, a financial unit of Hyundai Motor Group, was blackmailed last week by an unknown hacker demanding money in return for not releasing private data of its customers, including confidential financial information of some individuals.
Police authorities at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said the hacker gained access to Hyundai Capital's data from servers located in the Philippines and Brazil.

   "It seems that a group of one or more than one seasoned hackers was involved in the case," said one investigator at the agency. "It is highly likely that there is also an overseas accomplice, not only at home."

   The case has been under police investigation since Thursday, when Hyundai Capital received a blackmailing e-mail from the hacker and learned about the data leak. The company has about 1.8 million customers and specializes in personal loans, home mortgages and auto financing.

   Hyundai Capital said earlier Sunday that its ongoing internal investigation revealed that not just personal data -- names, residential registration numbers, mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses -- but also key financial data required to make financial transactions, such as passwords to loan services, were grabbed by the hacker.

   It said it plans to notify and ask affected customers to change their passwords. It will also beef up security measures against additional hacking attempts, its official said.

   The Financial Supervisory Service, South Korea's national financial watchdog, is scheduled to launch an investigation into the personal data leak on Monday.