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Lee says gov't to toughen ethics regulations for public officials
SEOUL, June 13 (Yonhap) -- President Lee Myung-bak said Monday that the government will toughen ethics regulations for public officials, blaming a massive corruption scandal involving savings banks on the long-running practice of government and judicial officials giving favors to their retired colleagues.

The "jeon-gwan-ye-u" practice, which means giving "honorable treatment to former officials," is believed to be widespread in South Korean society, especially among prosecutors and judges. Calls for ending it have spiked after revelations that ex-financial regulators sought to help troubled savings banks avoid punishment for irregularities.
"This practice is rampant not only in financial supervisory organizations, but also in other sectors in society, ranging from the judiciary, tax office and national defense to the civil service," Lee said in his biweekly radio address.