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Dozens of nuclear power agency officials indicted under arrest for corruption
ULSAN, July 10 (Yonhap) -- Prosecutors said Tuesday they have arrested and indicted 22 senior officials at a state-run nuclear power agency for allegedly taking bribes in return for helping private companies win lucrative deals.

   It marks the first time more than 20 senior officials from one state firm have been arrested in a single corruption case. The accused include six officials from the headquarters of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., including two senior executives, and 16 other officials from the agency's regional units.

   According to the Ulsan District Prosecutors' Office, the 16 arrested regional unit officials each received up to 450 million won (US$393,750) in bribes in exchange for helping supply companies clinch lucrative deals with the agency, the prosecutors said.

   The prosecutors said they also notified the state agency of 12 other employees who they said were involved in minor acts of corruption including stock trading on inside information or taking petty bribes.

   Seven employees of supply firms and two other brokers, who shuttled bribes between them and the arrested executives, were also arrested for providing or brokering the bribery, the prosecution added.
"The latest investigation confirmed deep-rooted corruption between lobbyists and the state firm in relation to bribery, bid rigging and favors in selecting suppliers," a prosecution official said. "These have been difficult to investigate due to the state facility's nature of confidentiality and professionalism."