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Police say spy agent didn't slander Moon in cyberspace
SEOUL, Dec. 16 (Yonhap) -- Police said Sunday that they have failed to find evidence of alleged anti-opposition online comments by a female agent of the National Intelligence Service (NIS), who has come under fire over allegations that she repeatedly made negative comments in cyberspace about main opposition presidential candidate Moon Jae-in over the past three months from her home in southern Seoul to influence the race.

   The police investigation began at the request of Moon's Democratic United Party (DUP) and the NIS agent recently presented her personal and notebook computers to the police.

   With the presidential election set for Wednesday, the allegation had emerged as a major campaign issue.

   Winding up an intensive investigation, police said they failed to find any online postings or comments by the 28-year-old agent about Moon.

   On Saturday, the intelligence agent, accompanied by her lawyer, underwent four hours of questioning at the Suseo Police Station in southern Seoul.

   After the questioning, the agent claimed innocence, saying, "I am falsely accused. I have not put anything online slandering Moon."

   "It is regrettable that they are trying to drag me and the NIS, which has remained neutral, into the election," she told reporters as she left the police station.

   The DUP, which raised the allegations in the first place, accused the NIS of interfering with the election by posting slanderous comments on the Internet about the liberal contender.

   The NIS has denied the allegations, voicing "strong regret" over what it said was "malicious propaganda" against it and warning that it may take legal action.