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Uganda asks N. Korea to withdraw forces: S. Korea

2016/06/16 19:35

SEOUL, June 16 (Yonhap) -- Uganda has asked North Korea to withdraw its forces from the African nation, reaffirming its willingness to halt all military exchange with the communist nation, South Korea's military said Thursday.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni first made the pledge to cut all military ties with North Korea during a summit meeting with South Korean President Park Geun-hye last month in what was seen as a diplomatic victory for Seoul.

Uganda has recently asked some 60 North Korean troops and state security officials to leave the country, the South's Defense Ministry said after Charles Bakahumura, a Ugandan military intelligence official, held a bilateral meeting with his South Korean counterpart Kim Hwang-rok in Seoul.

South Korea hopes that deepening the North's isolation from the international community will force the regime in Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear weapons program.

More high-ranking officials from Uganda are expected to visit South Korea within this year, with a deputy-level official with Uganda's Ministry of Defense to attend Seoul Defense Dialogue in September.

The Ugandan delegation arrived in the country on Monday and wrap up their stay on Friday.