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Doctors warn against heavy drinking during Lunar holiday

2018/02/14 09:57

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SEOUL, Feb. 14 (Yonhap) -- Middle-aged men should stay clear of heavy drinking during the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday period, doctors said Wednesday, warning of possible heart-related diseases.

This year's Seol celebration falls on Friday, and many Koreans will be gathering to enjoy holiday meals with family members.

The holiday is one of the biggest national holidays here, along with Chuseok, which is similar to Thanksgiving.

Citing a syndrome called Holiday Heart Syndrome (HHS), a group of doctors said a holiday drinking binge can result in a so-called acute cardiac rhythm or other heart disturbances.

"During the holiday season, many indulge in eating and drinking a lot," Hwang Hee-jin, a doctor at Catholic Kwangdong University, said, warning that increased alcohol consumption can pose serious health risks.