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(New Product) Samsung releases Facebook, YouTube camera
SEOUL, Feb. 23 (Yonhap) -- South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics Co. said Wednesday that it rolled out a new digital camera in the local market that allows posting pictures and videos directly on social networking sites, such as and

   The "SH100" digital camera is equipped with wireless-fidelity (WiFi) connectivity and has a touch-based display screen that turns into a keyboard, so that users can log in directly to their accounts on social networking or video-sharing sites wirelessly on the camera, it said in a statement.

   The new model also supports a "remote viewfinder" feature, Samsung said, which allows using a smartphone as the camera's remote controller. Users can download the remote viewfinder mobile application from the Android market on a smartphone to remotely take pictures and preview images on their phone.

   The new camera is priced at 289,000 won (US$256), Samsung said.

Samsung Electronics Co.'s new digital camera, SH100, allows posting pictures on social networking sites wirelessly. (Yonhap)