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Samsung ordered to compensate ex-employee for patentable invention
SEOUL, Nov. 29 (Yonhap) -- A Seoul court has ordered Samsung Electronics Co. to pay billions of won in compensation to a former employee for creating a patentable invention, court officials said Thursday.

   The Seoul Central District Court ruled that the South Korean tech giant has gained a total of 62.56 billion won (US$57.76 million) in earnings due to the invention by the former researcher surnamed Cheong, and that he is entitled to 10 percent of the profits.

   Cheong has been reawarded 6.3 billion won -- excluding 200 million won previously given him in compensation by the firm.

   The former employee led the research and development of HD televisions and contributed to 10 local patents and 28 international patents for Samsung Electronics between 1991 and 1995. After his resignation, the firm applied for 17 patents in the United States and another two in Hong Kong.

   After Samsung Electronics refused to reward the inventor for his contributions in a manner he deemed fair, Cheong filed a lawsuit.

   "After putting together Cheong's leading role in inventing the patents, the size of Samsung Electronics and the profits due to Cheong's patents, the inventor should receive 10 percent of the profits in compensation," the court said in its ruling.

   After the ruling, Samsung Electronics said it will review the ruling thoroughly before taking other legal measures.