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VANK, Yonhap to cohost nation-branding exhibition later this month

2016/02/12 17:30

SEOUL, Feb. 12 (Yonhap) -- An exhibition to introduce South Korea to the world to increase its national brand awareness will be held in Seoul later this month.

The non-governmental organization Voluntary Agency Network of Korea (VANK) and Yonhap News Agency will cohost the "National Brand (UP) Exhibition" at the National Museum of Korea in Yongsan, Seoul from Feb. 23-28.

Titled "We are the Republic of Korea, the central player for changing the globe," the exhibition will introduce the VANK's activities for the past 16 years showing how young Koreans have transformed the globe through their passion and challenging spirits.

The show will also introduce the news coverage activities of Yonhap, the nation's leading news agency, which has so far joined the country's efforts to strengthen the national brand image.

Divided into six sessions, the exhibition will introduce how South Korean youths have become honorary ambassadors representing South Korea through cyber diplomacy.

The second session will tell the story of how young foreigners have become the friends of Korea and honorary ambassadors to let the world know about Korean history and culture including Dokdo Island in Korea's East Sea.

In sessions 3 and 4, attendees will see how South Korean youths have become world changers with their great passion and willingness to meet challenges.

Visitors will also see how VANK has made efforts to solve global problems such as poverty, human rights, education, inequality, diseases, environmental pollution and alternative energy.

In the last session, Yonhap will introduce its main activities as a leading news media organization of South Korea.

Yonhap's 60 correspondents and stringers are working at 38 major cities in 28 countries around the world.

Providing news in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic and French, Yonhap's foreign language news service reaches more than 70 news agencies and 160 overseas missions of the South Korean government.

Yonhap has news content exchange agreements with 83 news agencies from 70 different countries.