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Chinese group invests US$77 mln in S. Korean movie 'D-War II'

2016/03/18 14:14

SEOUL, March 18 (Yonhap) -- A Chinese state media group has invested 500 million yuan (US$77.3 million) into the upcoming South Korean movie "D-War II," the movie's director said Friday.

The movie production and distribution arm of the Chinese Culture Group Co. will finance the sequel to "D-War," a South Korean fantasy action film from 2007, said comedian-turned-director Shim Hyung-rae.

"We're trying to get it out by next summer," Shim said. "It's unusual that the Chinese side has agreed to share the profit evenly, despite financing the movie entirely."

   Shim also said that he is negotiating with a "rising Hollywood director" to collaborate on the production.

"D-War II" depicts a fictional war between the U.S. and Russia in 1969 as the two countries try to land the first human on the moon.

The original movie gathered 8.4 million viewers in South Korea and grossed $11 million in the U.S.

A poster for the upcoming Shim Hyung-rae film "D-War II." (Yonhap) A poster for the upcoming Shim Hyung-rae film "D-War II." (Yonhap)