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Song Kang-ho and Lee Byung-hun reunite in 'Age of Shadows'

2016/09/27 10:41


SEOUL, Sept. 27 (Yonhap) -- Song Kang-ho and Lee Byung-hun have reunited after their 2008 film "The Good, The Bad, The Weird."

Song and Lee meet again in one of the most memorable scenes in "The Age of Shadows" as the Korean-born Japanese policeman Lee Jeong-chul and leader Jeong Chae-san of "Uiyeoldan," the notorious Korean anti-Japanese resistance group.

Actor Lee playfully ad-libs his lines introducing himself as "Park Chan," the name of his previous role in the 2008 movie. He also jokes around telling his henchman to bring some mojitos, re-enacting his famous line in the film "Inside Men."

Set in 1920s' Shanghai and Seoul, the film tells the story of the Korean-born Japanese police officer who makes friends with a key leader of Uiyeoldan, with the purpose of gathering crucial information on the group.

Korea was a colony of Japan from 1910 to 1945.

The two actors first met in the film "Joint Security Area" (2000) and showed off their teamwork in "The Good, The Bad, The Weird."