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Opposition warns it will demand resignation of defense minister over intel pact with Tokyo

2016/11/10 11:21

SEOUL, Nov. 10 (Yonhap) -- A lawmaker from the main opposition Democratic Party said Thursday he will seek a dismissal motion against the defense minister if South Korea continues to move forward to ink an agreement with Tokyo to share military intelligence on North Korea.

The remark came after South Korea is seeking to conclude the pact before the end of 2016, amid rising provocations from Pyongyang, including two nuclear tests and the launch of numerous missiles this year.

"If the government continues to push the Security of Military Information Agreement, the three opposition parties may seek the dismissal of the defense minister," Rep. Yun Ho-jung of the Democratic Party said.

The country's three opposition parties released a joint statement protesting the move Wednesday, adding the bilateral pact will escalate geopolitical tension in and around the Korean Peninsula.

The agreement is controversial since public sentiment toward any military agreement with Japan remains cool. Japan colonized the Korean Peninsula from 1910-45, and Tokyo has consistently tried to whitewash the atrocities it committed in the past.

Rep. Yun Ho-jung of the Democratic Party (Yonhap) Rep. Yun Ho-jung of the Democratic Party (Yonhap)