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Trailer for disaster film 'Pandora' unveiled

2016/11/17 11:14


SEOUL, Nov. 17 (Yonhap) -- Next Entertainment World, distributor of the South Korean nuclear disaster movie "Pandora," released its main trailer Wednesday to meet fervent requests from the public.

The short video clip was enough to keep viewers on the edge of their seats as it portrays in detail a huge plume of smoke rising from a nuclear power plant, a razed town and mass chaos among townspeople frantically scurrying on foot for their lives.

The blockbuster tells the story of ordinary people from different walks of life risking their lives to save their loved ones and town from an impending nuclear disaster in the wake of an unexpected earthquake hitting a nuclear power plant.

With a total of 530 million won invested, the overall production of the highly anticipated flick took four years including preliminary research, five months of filming and the making of special effects.

Park Jung-woo, the renowned helmsman of the science fiction horror flick "Deranged," directed the nuclear-themed film. The star-studded cast is comprised of Kim Nam-gil, Kim Myung-min, Kim Young-ae, Jung Jin-young, Lee Geung-young and Moon Jung-hee.

Stay tuned for updates about the blockbuster to premiere in December.