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2009/01/08 10:48 KST
NORTH KOREA NEWSLETTER NO. 36 (January 8, 2008)


Gist of Joint New Year Editorial:
Glorify This Year As a Year of a New Revolutionary Upsurge Sounding the General Advance (KCNA/ January 1, 2009)

- Hope-filled New Year Juche 98 (2009) that will mark a turning point in the (North) Korean revolution and the building of a great, prosperous and powerful nation (Kangsong Taeguk) has dawned. The DPRK (North Korea) that has emerged victorious under the banner of Songun (military-first) has entered an era of a new leap.

   - The New Year is a year of a new revolutionary surge, in which all the people should launch a general offensive in response to the Party's call to make a historic leap on all fronts in the building of a prosperous nation.

   - Today we are at a historically important point in accomplishing the Party's revolutionary cause. The efforts to open the gate to a powerful nation in 2012 that marks the centennial birth anniversary of Kim Il-sung are a worthwhile struggle to inherit the glorious history and traditions of our Party and revolution that started on Mt. Paektu and win an overall victory of Korean-style socialism by building up the national power of Songun (North) Korea.

   - An era of a new great revolutionary surge lies ahead of us. Kim Jong-il kindled the torch of a new revolutionary upsurge in Kangson, the birthplace of the Chollima Movement, on December 24 last year which will shine for ever in the history of Songun (North) Korea. It is such a great event that has brought about a turning point in the development of our Party and revolution as that in December 1956 when Kim Il-sung set the great Chollima Movement in motion.

   - "Make the fullest development of Songun (North) Korea by inheriting the great tradition of revolutionary upswing!" - this is the militant slogan that we should hold up. The whole Party, the entire army and all the people should make a history of effecting a new surge in the 21st century by relying on our ideology and way of working and giving full play to the advantages of the independent socialist economy.

   - To make a leap forward on all fronts by displaying the indomitable spiritual strength and using all the potentials to the full that we have cultivated and built in the flames of Songun.

   - A political and ideological offensive should be launched vigorously to demonstrate the might of ideology, our inexhaustible spiritual strength. Today's general offensive in the ideological sector is a great campaign to display the might of our socialist idea to maximum by imbuing the whole of society with one ideology at a new, higher level under the banner of the Juche (self-reliance) idea and Songun idea.

   - We should bring about a new revolutionary upsurge under the banner of guarding the headquarters of the revolution at the cost of our lives like our forefathers who had ushered in a great Chollima era in the post-war rehabilitation shouting the slogan of defending the Party and the leader at the risk of their lives.

   - All potentials of the independent socialist economy should be tapped to create the speed of general advance in the Songun era. Today's upsurge is a fresh general onward movement to put the economy on the stage of rapid development on the strength of the revolutionary soldier spirit and science and technology.

   - An important task facing us in the economic construction at present is to push the effort to put production on a normal track and the modernization in close combination by taking advantage of the socialist planned economy, thus surpassing the high-water mark in production in all sectors of the national economy.

   - We should hold the preferential development of the metal industry as the main point and concentrate efforts on tapping production potentials in the key sectors of the national economy to the full. The metal industry is the mainstay of our independent socialist economy. It is important to decisively increase the production of iron made by the Juche method and concentratedly supply electricity, fuel and raw materials to metal works, so as to make renovated production processes bring benefits.

   - A radical turn should be brought about in the efforts to improve the people's living standard. To relieve scarcity of food is a pressing problem. We should concentrate all efforts on hitting this year's target of grain production with the extraordinary determination to solve food problem by our own efforts in any circumstances.

   - The fullest development of socialist culture in the Songun era should be maintained. It is necessary to add shine to the spiritual and cultural treasures created in the past under the leadership of the Party in the Songun era and conduct brisk mass art activities to make the whole country seethe with the revolutionary optimism and militant spirit.

   - The might of Songun should be built up in every way to ensure a military guarantee for the building of a thriving socialist nation. It is a major requirement of the Party's Songun revolutionary line to strengthen the country's overall strength and step up the building of a thriving nation on the basis of the unrivalled military power. The (North) Korean People's Army (KPA) is the mainstay and powerful main force of the revolution that supports the Party's Songun leadership in the van.

   - All military and political work should be aimed at establishing the revolutionary command system and military discipline whereby the entire army acts as one according to the idea, intention, order and instruction of the Supreme Commander.

   - It is important to speed up the revolutionary transformation of the entire army, ensure firmer unity between officers and men on the basis of comradeship and more closely combine military and political affairs. The KPA should take the lead in strengthening the army-people unity, the pride of Songun Korea, by holding high the slogan "Assist the people!"

   - The pivotal and pacemaker role of the KPA should be enhanced immensely in kindling the flame of a great surge in the Songun era. The KPA should make a breakthrough in today's general offensive as befits the creators of the revolutionary soldier spirit and be a model for society in all aspects of ideology, spirit, morality and culture.

   - The country's reunification is the unanimous aspiration of the fellow countrymen and the supreme and urgent task for the nation. The national reunification movement which had been advancing vigorously along with the June 15 reunification era faced a grave challenge due to the advent of the conservative authorities in South Korea last year. All the Korean people are indignant and protest at the reckless moves of the south Korean ruling forces that flatly deny the June 15 Joint Declaration and the October 4 Declaration, grand programmes for independent reunification, restore the era of fascist dictatorship and are hell-bent on inter-Korean confrontation.

   - To achieve the country's reunification, it is imperative to take a point of view giving priority to the nation and defending the interests of the nation. All the Korean people should resolutely check and foil the manoeuvres of the anti-reunification forces running counter to the trend of the times towards independent reunification, steeped in pro-U.S. sycophancy and hostility towards the fellow countrymen.

   - The independent foreign policy of our Republic to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula and defend peace and security of Northeast Asia and the rest of the world is demonstrating its validity more fully as the days go by. Our Party and government, under the ideal of independence, peace and friendship, will develop relations with the countries friendly towards us and make a positive contribution to achieving the cause of global independence.

   - In the present world no other country is more politically stable than our Republic whose people are all filled with a great hope, ambition and confidence about the future. Our cause is the cause of Kim Il-sung, the road we take is the eternal road of Juche, road of Songun, and our strength is the single-minded unity of the entire army and all the people around the leadership of the revolution.

   - The ultimate victory is in store for us as long as there are the plan for the bright future worked out by the great Party and the infinite spiritual strength of our army and people who perform miracles by turning out in hearty response to the call of the Party.