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NORTH KOREA NEWSLETTER NO. 248 (February 7, 2013)

SEOUL (Yonhap) -- The following is a chronological review of major developments related to North Korea from Jan. 31-Feb. 6, 2013.

31 Kim Yong-nam, president of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly (SPA), sends a congratulatory message to Milos Zeman upon his election as president of the Czech Republic on Jan. 30.

   31 The participants in the 4th Conference of Cell Secretaries of the Workers' Party of (North) Korea (WPK) tour Pyongyang amid the hearty greetings of its citizens.

   31 The (North) Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) says the foreign ministry's memorandum "Dissolution of the 'UN Command' is the essential requirement in defending peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and in the Asia-Pacific region" was distributed as an official document of the U.N. Security Council on Jan. 18.

1 The title of the Labor Hero and Gold Medal (hammer and sickle) and Order of National Flag First Class were awarded to seven secretaries of WPK party cells.

   1 Rodong Sinmun says the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is impossible unless the world is denuclearized as it has become clear now that the United States' hostile policy toward North Korea remains unchanged.

   1 Exemplary primary information workers of the Kim Il-sung Socialist Youth League from across the country started a study tour of leader Kim Jong-il's birthplace in a secret camp on Mount Paektu with the approach of his birth anniversary.

   1 The Moranbong Band and the State Merited Chorus of the (North) Korean People's Army (KPA) hold a joint performance for the participants in the Fourth Conference of Cell Secretaries of the WPK in Pyongyang.

   2 A spokesman for the foreign ministry blasts the U.S. for revealing its double standards and brigandish nature by denying North Korea the right to launch satellite for peaceful purposes.

   2 The participants in the 4th Conference of Cell Secretaries of the WPK leave Pyongyang by bus and train after winding up their itinerary.

   2 Kim Yong-nam sends a congratulatory message to Ethiopian Prime Minister Haile Mariam Dessalegn, president of the African Union, for the successful holding of the 20th session of the assembly of heads of state and government of the African Union.

   2 Kim Yong-nam sends a message of greeting to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the country's independence.

   2 Scientists, technicians, workers and officials who contributed to the successful liftoff of satellite Kwangmyongsong 3-2 were awarded state decorations.

   3 An enlarged meeting of the WPK Central Military Commission is held under the guidance of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. In the meeting which discussed the bolstering up of the military capability, Kim Jong-un made an important concluding speech.

   4 The KCNA says high sulfur cast steel has been developed by the Rolling-Stock Research Institute under the Branch Academy of Railway Science in the DPRK.

   4 A meeting of officials in the field of land and environmental conservation was held at the People's Palace of Culture in Pyongyang with Premier Choe Yong-rim and other senior officials in attendance.

   5 Rodong Sinmun denounces the "resolution on sanctions" against North Korea as a product of collusion between the U.S. and South Korea.

   5 Kim Yong-nam sends a message of sympathy to Armando Emilio Guebuza, president of Mozambique, in regards to floods accompanied by heavy rain that hit various regions of the country.

   5 The KCNA says the U.S. hostile policy toward North Korea and moves for a nuclear war against it have entered a grave stage and the country's response will be beyond the imagination of hostile forces.

   5 A meeting of the Ministry of the People's Armed Forces is held at the April 25 House of Culture on Tuesday to mark the 50th anniversary of the advancement of the slogan "a-match-for-a-hundred" by Kim Il-sung.

   5 The sports contest for the Mount Paektu Prize opens with due ceremony at the Basketball Gymnasium on Chongchun Street in Pyongyang.

   6 North Korean papers, including Rodong Sinmun, carry bylined commentaries condemning "the South Korean warmongers" for kicking off joint naval exercises in the East Sea of Korea with "the U.S. imperialist aggression forces" on Feb. 4.

   6 Rodong Sinmun says the U.S. and its allies are keeping utterly mum about Japan's launch of a spy satellite that poses a serious problem though they made much fuss about the DPRK's satellite launch for peaceful purposes.

   6 The February 16 Science and Technology Prize is conferred on the scientists, technicians and others who contributed to the development of the country's science and technology at an awards ceremony at the People's Palace of Culture in Pyongyang.

   6 Igor V. Morgulov, Russia's deputy foreign minister, discussed with North Korean Ambassador to Russia Kim Yong-jae international issues, including the situations on the Korean Peninsula on Feb. 6, the Voice of Russia monitored in Seoul reported quoting the Russian Foreign Ministry.