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U.S. exports to N. Korea jumps nearly 20-fold in Feb.

2014/04/08 09:34

SEOUL, April 8 (Yonhap) -- U.S. exports to North Korea jumped nearly 20-fold in February from a year earlier, a U.S. radio report said Tuesday.

The volume of trade between the two countries reached US$1.2 million in February, compared with $62,000 a year earlier, the Voice of America (VOA) reported, citing data compiled by the U.S. Commerce Department.

The VOA said that humanitarian assistance provided by U.S. private agencies accounted for 95 percent, or $1.13 million, of the total U.S. shipment to North Korea in February.

The rest of the U.S. exports to the North included poultry, footwear and plastic products, the radio report said.

The U.S., however, imported nothing from North Korea during the cited period, it said.

The two countries do not have diplomatic relations following the 1950-53 Korean War, which ended in a cease-fire, not a peace treaty.