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Rival parties slam N. Korea's test of hydrogen bomb

2016/01/06 14:33

SEOUL, Jan. 6 (Yonhap) -- South Korea's rival political parties slammed North Korea Wednesday for conducting a hydrogen bomb test.

The North announced that it has succeeded in conducting the H-bomb test hours after what seems to be an artificial earthquake was detected close to the country's nuclear test site.

"(The test) is a direct challenge to the 80 million lives of our people and peace on the (Korean) Peninsula," Kim Young-woo, spokesman of the ruling Saenuri Party, said in a press release.

Kim further said that the Seoul government should show determination by immediately responding to calls to make the North stop the recurrence of such provocations.

The party convened a meeting of senior members to discuss how to respond to Pyongyang's provocations and to hear a briefing from the Defense Ministry.

The main opposition Minjoo Party of Korea also denounced Pyongyang's move, saying that it threatens the peace and safety of not only the Korean Peninsula but also that of Northeast Asia.

"Our party will not condone North Korea's nuclear test," Yoo Eung-hae, spokeswoman of the party, said, further asking the international community to show support so that the peace can be maintained on the peninsula.