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N. Korean immigration office tightening security check: report

2016/08/02 17:13

SEOUL, Aug. 2 (Yonhap) -- The North Korean immigration office at the border with China is infringing on human rights on the grounds of security checks, according to U.S.-based Radio Free Asia (RFA) on Tuesday.

Quoting a source, the media outlet reported the security inspections at the North Korean border city of Sinuiju are so tight that people crossing into the Chinese city of Dandong are even subjected to strip searches by immigration officers.

An ethnic Chinese living in Pyongyang recently told RFA that she placed everything with her on the scanner during the security checks, but she was soon brought to a separate room for further inspection after a metal detector emitted a warning sound.

"There, I suffered a humiliating naked body scan," she said. "As the warning sound rang on continuously despite the fact that I was stark naked, the security officer continued the check suspecting I may have swallowed a gold nugget."

   She said the guards eventually let her go after it was discovered the scanner was not working properly.

Another source said that it takes three to four hours to pass through the North Korean immigration office amid intensified searches of belongings.

The informant also said that there are many others who suffer from indignity in the course of going through security checks.

"Some young security officers often make crude and insulting remarks to elderly people," the source said.

After Kim Jong-un took power, security inspections have been tight, especially for those peddlers who engage in trade with China.