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Samsung Electronics to launch 4G phone in U.S. in Sept.
SEOUL, Aug. 25 (Yonhap) -- Samsung Electronics Co., the world's No. 2 mobile phone maker, said Wednesday that it will release a fourth-generation (4G) mobile phone in the United States in September.

   MetroPCS Wireless Inc., the fifth-largest wireless carrier in the U.S., will distribute the Samsung Craft (SCH-R900), the world's first mobile phone using long-term evolution (LTE) technology, said Samsung spokesman Shin Young-jun by phone.

   Samsung's upcoming 4G phone will use the high-speed LTE networks for data transmission while its telephony service will use the third-generation cellular networks called CDMA, according to the company.

   Global mobile operators are tapping the fourth-generation mobile services, which can transmit data as much as ten times faster than the third-generation services currently available.

   The high-speed data services such as LTE is expected to help address concerns about possible data overloads, as a rising number of mobile subscribers are using cell phones and smartphones to surf the Web and download multimedia content.