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Samsung to invest 2.25 tln won in system-on-chip production line
SEOUL, June 7 (Yonhap) -- Samsung Electronics Co., the world's largest manufacturer of memory chips, said Thursday that it will inject 2.25 trillion won (US$1.92 billion) to set up a new system-on-chip assembly line in South Korea.

   The tech giant said in a regulatory filing that the new assembly line will use 300 millimeter wafers to make cutting-edge 20 nano and 14 nano level mobile application processors.

   A mobile application processor is a system designed to support applications running in a mobile operating system environment, including memory management, graphics processing and multimedia decoding.

   The company also said that work on the new facility, to be built at the company's Hwaseong plant about 50 kilometers southwest of Seoul, will be completed in late March 2014, with total investment to be equal to 2.53 percent of the company's net worth.

   System-on-chip or system semiconductors refers to integrating all components of a computer or other electronic system onto a single integrated circuit and is a technology frequently used in the latest smartphones and tablet PCs.