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Hacked banks, broadcasters normalize networks: gov't
SEOUL, March 29 (Yonhap) -- South Korean banks and broadcasters that were hit by a massive hacking attack last week have fully normalized their networks, the government said Friday.

   Computer networks at three local banks -- Jeju, NongHyup and Shinhan -- and three TV broadcasters -- KBS, MBC and YTN -- were paralyzed on March 20 due to malicious code from a yet to be identified source.

   The hacking attack crippled their operations, fueling speculation of North Korea's involvement in the network paralysis.

   A government-led team, consisting of officials from the military and related ministries, said in a press release that the systems at the six institutions were fully recovered as of noon.

   The government, however, said YTN is still in the process of recovery after suffering another glitch on March 26.

   Meanwhile, the government-led team said it is analyzing secured data to identify the hackers and trace how they were able to infiltrate the networks.

   It also vowed to sustain its contingency system to monitor key Web sites and dispatch officials when additional hacking attacks occur.