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Loyalty of iPhone users declines: survey

SEOUL, July 3 (Yonhap) -- About one third of iPhone users in South Korea are planning to switch to smartphones by Samsung Electronics Co., a survey showed Wednesday.

According to the survey on 3,763 smartphone users in the country, 34.6 percent of 416 iPhone users said that they would not buy another iPhone product. About 46.9 percent of iPhone users, however, said that they plan to purchase a new iPhone, the survey conducted by DigiEco, a research unit of KT Corp., showed.

Galaxy S smartphone users showed a higher level of loyalty among customers, according to the survey. About 16.3 percent of Galaxy S smartphone users said that they would buy an iPhone, while 65.4 percent said that they would buy another mobile device by Samsung in the future.

Apple, the iPhone maker, is known for inspiring higher levels of loyalty among customers than its rivals in the mobile marketplace, making most of them loyal future buyers.

In 2012, Samsung shipped 215.8 million smartphones, claiming 39.6 percent of the global market. Apple came in a distant second with sales of 136.8 million units and a 25.1 percent market share, according to the data by researcher International Data Corp.